Founded by a passionante dutch couple of antique dealers in 2000, Labyrinthe starts conceiving there own collections with the will to bring it alive with « real » materials and handicraft skills. This predilection brings them to research the most adapted places and the best craftsmen in order to find those who will be able to deploy the same qualities then we where used to see in the old european guildes which have all faded away.

Once that goal was achieved, they began to design there own and uniques chandeliers and mirrors collections which are produced today as in the exact same way as 200 years ago.

The purpose of the Labyrinthe interiors designers is to create luxury pieces which will enrich interiors in a similar manner as jewelery does for fashion designers. That’s why they strive each season to offer to the public the widest high-quality collection ranging from noble accesories to eye-catching lighting. Contemprorary, classical or eclectic interiors they all will be embellished with a fine handgilded piece of crafsmanship designed to last.

Interior jewelery.

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Labyrinthe Interiors